PeeWee Try Outs

Why would we need Try Outs in Peewee Football?

The answer is simple, we have more players that want to join the team than we have roster spots available.

Lets answer a few questions so that you are well informed.

1. Will my player be skilled enough to make the Jr. Rams Football Team?

Simple answer, our job as coaches is to develop all of the players regardless of what their skill is when they start. If your player wants to show up and work hard, we can easily develop your son or daughters skills so that they are very successful.

2. My players is too big, too small, slow or intimidated.

Football requires all shapes and sizes. As Coaches, we never expect players to start a season in perfect shape or conditioned to be able to play at a high level. This takes work and dedication from the Coaches and Players. Every shape and size is necessary, so every body type is welcome.

3. How much time commitment is required?

Football practices are typically 3 times per week, usually from 6pm - 8pm. The games are always held on the weekends, usually in the morning on a Sat or Sun depending on the schedule we are given.

4. How much fundraising do we have to do?

Football is not an expensive sport, however there are some fundraising commitments that are required from parents and players in order to operate a team. Most often we have a simple bottle drive that includes parents and a door to door fundraiser that the players are able to do on their own.

5. So, do you "cut" kids? How do you decide who makes the team?

This is a great question that is not always simple to answer. Some parents really push their kids to succeed, some parents do not. Both sides of the spectrum can be unhealthy for kids if it is not done within reason.

In order for a player to succeed at playing for the Jr. Rams they need to be motivated to want to work hard. There is conditioning required so that they can play on a large field and not be collapsing out of breath. They also need to be coachable with a great attitude.

Most kids will "self cut" by telling their parents that it is too much work, or that they would rather be playing x-box than coming to practice. If that is the case, it is pretty simple to fill the roster spot with someone who wants to be here and wants to learn.

6. What if they want to play, but not commit so much time?

There are other football teams within Sherwood Park that will require less of your player. Feel free to contact us and we can help you find a team that will fit your players needs.

Every year, the RAMS have 20+ open positions that they need to fill, so come try out and see if all of the hard work and dedication that is required to become a RAM is what you want to work towards.