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Does my player need to go through a Try Out?

In Spring Camp, we have positional Try Outs for all players. Why? Simple. We cannot have 25 QB's and we actually care to find the right position for your son or daughter that wants to play.

We need to make sure that each player will see success at the position that they want to play.

Do you "Cut" Players?

No we do not "Cut" Atom and Peewee Players. We find that most players will come to practices and determine if they want to work as hard as the players that are there.

Like most team sports, we find that there is an average of 10% of the players that register with great intentions but end up "Self Cutting" because of conflicts with other sports or perhaps the amount of conditioning and work involved in practice is more than they anticipated.

Does my player need to be "Released" from SCMFA to play with you?

Sherwood Park is an "open zone" which means that any player can play for any team if they so choose.
However, if a player has registered with SCMFA and that registration has been submitted to CDMFA (Capital District Minor Football) then you would need to request a release from the previous team.

What if SCMFA will not release my player?

In 2016, SCMFA refused to release 3 players that had initially signed up with their organization and then requested to move to Rams.

We contacted the CDMFA (Capital District Minor Football Association) and lobbied on behalf of the player to get them to be released so they could play.

We managed to get 2 players released, however there was 1 player that did not.

We will do everything we possibly can to make sure that your player can play where he/she would like.

If a player chooses to register with Rams Football, and then move to SCMFA, we will gladly provide a full refund and immediately remove the player from our roster so they can signup with another team.

Will my player get any playing time, or will they ride the bench?

At the Atom level, all players start practicing all positions and learn how to pass, catch, block and tackle. Once we determine what skills your player has naturally it is easier to find the right position for your player.

At the PeeWee level we follow the 3 A's.
- Attitude
- Attendance
- Ability

Based on those 3 things, as well as the type of player you have we find a natural position for your player.

In PeeWee, we make sure that all players have a starting spot on the field. It may be Offense, Defense or Special Teams.

In a game however, we cannot control playing time. If we are losing a game 40 - 0, there is a good chance that our Offense has not been on the field much at all, conversely if we are winning 40 - 0 there is good chance that our Defense has not been on the field much. So there are many things outside of our control.

The one constant we have is that your player is here to develop and is here to play. We pride ourselves in making sure that your player is part of the "Team" that will win and lose together as they learn how to work as one unit.

Is playing time equal?

No, playing time is not equal. Part of our philosophy of developing players is that your player needs to see reps in order to gain confidence and success.

If we just swap out new players on each play, we do not allow the "team" to gel and start working as a fine tuned unit.

This is why we provide a starting position for each player as well as backup positions, so that they have their Primary job as well as work on learning a new position they can transition into based on their skill development.

What are the registration fees?

The cost to register your player for Atom and PeeWee is $400.00 before April 1st.

The cost after April 1st is $450.00 per player.

If you have more than 1 player between Atom and Peewee, we only charge $350.00 per player before April 1st.

Are there any other Fees?

Outside of the Registration fee, we have a $100 team fee per player. This amount goes directly to the year end gifts that are provided to each player.

Every year we subsidize players and families that cannot afford Registration or Team Fees, sometimes that is by adding an additional bottle drive or specific fundraiser to make sure that every kid can play.

What if we cannot afford the Registration Fees?

At Rams Football, we believe that every child should be able to play.

Every year we subsidize full and partial registrations so that no player is left off the team due to financial constraints.

Not all families are eligible for Kids Sport or Jump Start (financial help for parents) so we make sure that we go out of our way to work with parents to make sure that their player is registered and can play regardless of their financial situation.

I want my player to play a specific position.

At the Atom and PeeWee level we are interested in the position that your player wants to play.

If they are naturally skilled it is very simple to insert a player anywhere and coach them up, however we really want to make sure that your player will see the most success they possibly can.

Since we focus on development, we can move a player into a specific position and coach them up to get them better. However, playing time may be limited depending on the depth of the other players that are also there.

Once players move from PeeWee to Bantam and beyond, it will be up to your player to make the team, become a started and excel.

If my player is on Rams PeeWee, are they guaranteed a spot on the Bantam Team?

At the PeeWee level we are a development team. Our job as coaches is to develop each player so that they can easily try out for any Bantam Program they wish and have those coaches drool over their abilities.

We make sure that each PeeWee player learns the offense / defense and terminology of the Rams Bantam program so that there is a simple transition between PeeWee and Bantam.

Our Rams PeeWee players have the best possible chance of making that Rams Bantam team, however it is still up to the player to tryout and make the team.

Our Bantam Coaches work closely with our PeeWee coaches and players so that they know the kids coming up and see the skills that are being developed.

If your player wants the best possible shot at making the Rams Bantam team, then starting at Atom and PeeWee will be the best way to get noticed and make that team.

FAQ  >>>  Refunds

What is your "Refund Policy"?

We all have kids, we all understand the many things you sign your child up for. If you and your player decides that Football is not for them, we will gladly provide a full refund.

We do not want your money, we want to coach kids.

Our spring camps start as early as March, and we encourage you and your player to come out to see if this would be a good fit.

We can provide full refunds right up until the Middle of August, after that we have paid for insurance for your player and your refund would be less the insured amount.

We have more players that want to play than positions available, so if this is not the right fit for you, we would rather provide you a refund and give another family the opportunity to join Rams Football.

FAQ  >>>  Rams Club Information

What is the difference between Rams and SCMFA / Wolverines?

The Sherwood Park Rams are a Football Club that has been around for 50 years and has expanded from being a Bantam Program to now adding PeeWee and Atom teams to accommodate players between the ages of 8 - Grade 10.

At Rams we focus solely on developing players so that the transition from Atom to PeeWee and PeeWee to Bantam will be less intimidating and easier for the player.

We have long term committed coaches that are there year after year. Our Bantam Head Coach, Jim Skitsko has been running the Rams Organization for over 20 years.


SCMFA started out as the (Strathcona County Minor Football Association) and was not associated with any Bantam or High School Association. They currently have partnered with the Wolverines to create more of a "Club" environment within that Wolverines program.

I am new to football, what team / club should my kid play for?

As a head coach and parent, I have 4 kids in football.

Many people say that your kids should play with their friends... however I must say that every new team my kids were on where they did not know anyone, they made new friends very fast.

The most important thing is going where there are the best coaches. That can make the difference between an amazing 2-6 season or a horrible 7-1 season where your kid rides the bench and does not want to return next year.

I recommend going to the Spring Camps for each organization, talk to the coaches, see how they operate.
Call the coach... see if they will talk to you.
You can reach me anytime 780-885-0957 - Coach Koop

If your player is competitive and wants to get better, Rams Football is probably a great fit. If your player does not really want to play, but you just want to keep him busy for a few nights a week, there may be other programs that will not have as high of expectations and will be easier for your child.