50 Years in Sherwood Park

That is right... Sherwood Park Rams have been around for a long time.

They also have had the same Head Coach (Jim Skitsko) for the last 20+ years. It is this kind of dedication to developing young men and women that has made the Rams Football Club a Rams Family.

They are the only Bantam Football Program in Canada that offers a Post Secondary Bursary for all graduating Players.

The Sherwood Park Rams are committed to building into the lives of the players that enter their clubhouse each and every season.

Our first season, our first trophy.

Our Peewee Team only had 3 players that had touched the ball before this season. The rest of our team were players that were brand new to football.

We spent the entire season developing our players with a separate offense and defense limiting how many players played both sides of the ball.

This translated in more playing time for all of the players, stronger development and more success in the post season.

Each player had a specific role on the team, each player was utilized to the best of their ability and each player will start next season with more passion for this great game.

With the support of the Bantam Rams, the quality of their Coaches and the Organization of the Program, each Practice is like sending your Player to a dedicated skills camp that costs hundreds of dollars.

This is why our Jr. Rams program was such a tremendous success this year.